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Confused I am

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There were days when he wondered what life was really about. It was great being a student at Oxford studying medieval literature. He enjoyed reviewing ancient texts, then translating them; but as he looked around his room he felt something was missing. Yes there were piles of fascinating books, bottles of great wine, and he even got to dined well. He was taking part in the universities social life, he got drunk, swam in the river, rowed, but something was niggling at him. He needed to think, and to do that he walked.

Grabbing his coat he decided to hit Oxford’s streets. However as he passed the porters lodge a poster caught his attention. It contained a fine illustration of a Celtic cross. The poster gave details of a meeting at a local Anglican monastery.

What made him go, he wondered; but as he entered the monastery he felt a feeling of calmness enfold him. He sat quietly in recess and allowed the silence to take him over. He would soon find himself becoming a regular visitor. Septimius no longer felt alone.

Today visiting Jacob,  Septimius listened, ‘its the sharks’  Septimius made a mental note, alcohol was out. His cup would no longer overflow.


Jacob is a alcoholic, looked out for by the monks. In WW2 Jacobs ship was sunk in the Pacific ocean

Sorry todays post is rather long, as I am fleshing out the character of Reverend Sidebottom.

My Mrs McDuffy will become a housekeeper to the Reverend Septimius Sidebottom

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  1. Thanks a lot for the backstory, Michael. This one ties the lot right up. I’m eagerly waiting for Mrs. McDuffy in the next Friday Fictioneers.

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