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Passport Enabled

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Photo copyright: Mike Vore.

Mayhew has passed away and now most of the family ignored me. Each year on the anniversary of his daughter’s death, old Mayhew would at least drive me to his daughter’s grave. She loved me and gave me my name. Recently only young master Thomas had visited me. We had fun as he pretended to drive me. When he fell and hit his head on the tree stump I knew my time was up.

So no longer will I hear laughter and be Daisy May the space craft. No longer will I fly the American flag. Apparently I been given a vehicle passport and I am on my way to Yorkshire, to a collector who liked my patina! So it sounds like I will not even get revamp. Heaven help me.


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  1. Ahh, a take from the POVs of the truck. Nice! As Iain said, this is a sad tale. But the voice is so straightforward, honest, and appreciative of life. I really like this. Excellent job!

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