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Nuclear Winter

My apologies, as I am unable to load the photo prompt at present
My apologies, as I am unable to load the photo prompt at present

Upon receiving the warning the Sullivan’s like many others retreated into the shelter under their home. Two weeks later after digging their way out through the trashed remains of their home, the blast of cold air sent them scurrying back into their shelter. For the next month each time they tried to reach the surface they were greeted by a layer of ice. Joe repeatedly had to smash his way to the surface, to remove the ice from their air intake. No one followed him, for it was pitch black above ground.

One month turned into two months and still the world above them remained completely dark. Not a single ray of light or star broke the blackness. Once Joe attempted to reach their neighbours house, all he found was the remains of shattered timbers.

Finally hunger drove Joe back to the surface. He built a roaring fire to drive away the cold, then he told his family to join him. While they kept the fire burning he scoured the immediate neighbourhood. Clambering over mountains of frozen debris, he located the external entrance to the Johnson’s shelter. It wooden cover smashed he delved deeper. Ignoring the frozen bodies, he raided the larder. The bodies could wait.

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    1. Thank you for the positive feedback. In the early 1960s, I saw some very chilling literature about atomic bombs, it seems that it has influenced my writing of this story.

      1. It’s funny how how stuff from those public information leaflets and adverts sticks. I don’t know whether you’ve read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but if you like your literature stark you might enjoy it.

  1. I really wasn’t ripping you off when I wrote my story. I try not to read anyone else’s stories until I’ve written my own based on the prompt. Just a crazy coincidence I guess, though my rendering is quite a bit different.

        1. Hi James. Sadly since my university days, I have realised that one skill that I do no have is the ability to make meaningful analytic comments. But I am intrigued to see how you develope the A to Z story and will try to comment at some piont. Mike

  2. Like you, Michael, I was a teenager in the ’60s and share your feelings about the fears of that time. The term ‘nuclear winter’ was soon bandied about a lot. Great interpretation of the prompt.

  3. Terrifying as a possibility. At least he went to the learner first. Reminds me if the Franklin Expedition way up in Northern Canada when their boats were trapped in ice and those who died out were eaten until everyone died. A gruesome way to have life end for them and possibly the characters in your story.

  4. loved the tangible descriptions you could make within the word constraint that gave me the reality of a nuclear winter, the coldness, the desolation and the bodies plus the will to survive. Stark reality in a world maybe not just fictional at all. brilliant writing Michael.

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