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One Night

Photo prompt provided by Nick Allen
Photo prompt provided by Nick Allen

Wet and bedraggled Buster sought shelter for the night. An ancient Bedford bus won the competition. The trouble was that there was not much left of the bus. If you have ever seen untreated wood and aluminium that’s been left outside completely at the mercy of the elements. You will understand the state of what had once been a grand chariot. A chariot that oiled the wheels of codebreaking.

After cleaning his paws, Buster crawled under the remnants of a seat. Tonight his dreams where full of men in khaki and a girl called Jean. Traveling to somewhere called Bletchley Park.

Footnote, In memory of Lady Trumpington.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Well you sent me to You Tube where I found an interview with Lady Trumpington. I’d never heard of her. What a fascinating lady…certainly worthy of tribute. Well done.



    PS Did you mean Buster sought rather than sort. Or is this a colloquialism I’m not familiar with?

  2. The Bedford bus got my attention. I watch alot of masterpiece and same bus shows up again and again in different series portraying the war era! My story started with thoughts of a car too.

    Reading this, i absolutely assumed it was a man, hard on his luck until you said paws!

    1. Thank you Andrea. At the moment I am writing a series of flash stories about a dog called Buster, not sure where it will end up taking me. But I feel the need to try. However I will attempt to ensure that each story stands by itself.

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