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One Old Penny

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Photo copyright: J Hardy Carroll

Michael here is a penny, please could you go round to the phone box and call your dad. Ask him to come home as grandad is unwell.

Operator: please have your money ready. Hello operator pleased could you put me through to the fire station, as my grandad is poorly.

Hello, county fire control switch board here, how may we help?

Please is my father Ron available, his mother says that he is to come home as grandad is unwell.

Hello Michael, we are sending a fire engine at once, your father will be driving it…

Michael do wake up…

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  1. Amidst all the mocking and the irritation towards mobile phones, these are instances where one might be really handy. As usual, excellent take Michael. Enjoyed reading this one.

  2. I am having trouble in commenting on your website. I tried before, I am again trying it today. But your post was was stellar. To connect dreams and memories with an object that’s not private,yet still is.. It was evocative, of trust..Reminiscent of times when believe and help were more than just mere words..

  3. Sounds like quite a small town, which can dispatch the fire engine to check on granddad! And only a penny – I remember when tuppence was enough for a call πŸ™‚

    1. It certainly was a small but very historic town, with a population of less than a thousand. No fire station there since the early 1960s. Everything was a penny to this five year old.

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