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Drunken soldiers

96DC991C-CCFF-4959-BF28-862655CF7AE0 Photo prompt from Dawn M Miller

A dark silhouette appeared out of the mist, soon joined by assorted tomb stones standing in rows. They looked just like drunken soldiers on parade. A layer of freezing air descended and engulfed Buster. With caution Buster moved forward, passing between stone anchors and laurel leaves. He had entered a military grave yard, strangely he felt comfortable and his pace quickened. A well built porch appeared out of the mist, who’s door stood slightly ajar, offering access to a church. “You can come in old chap”. So Buster entered. “Are thee hungry, thee looks so”. “You want to share a railway man’s beef paste butty”.

Footnote: Link to prompt is traveling, sorry it is a bit tenuous this week.

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  1. I’d be wary of food offered by mysterious strangers in a misty graveyard. Ghost food can’t be good for the digestion.

  2. I don’t think your link to the prompt is tenuous at all, Michael. You’ve written a lovely atmospheric piece and at the opening of it I was straight away reminded how objects seem to appear through the mist when I’m looking out of a train’s window. Whether Buster has passed away or is just temporarily in the past, it seems he is guaranteed a warm welcome. Lovely.

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