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A Web of Deceit

Photo copyright: Claire Sheldon.
Photo copyright: Claire Sheldon.

Jenny had had enough of Tim’s deceptions. Always he had a ready excuse for being late home. ‘The phone never stopped ringing honey’ or ‘the boss needed my help’. He was treating her like a fool.

She got out her craft box and set about designing him a birthday card with a difference.

‘It’s beautiful honey, too beautiful to put on my desk at work’; but she insisted.

She had constructed a web from wire clips, in its centre was a minuscule transmitter. It had been such delicate work.

‘Tim are you sure that your wife does not suspect’. 

Michael Humphris.

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  1. He so deserved to know that his wife was way smarter than he had estimated her to be ! Cheers for the lady ! A great story, Michael.

    1. That may come next, for she has the skills to do it, but in truth she is much to gentle to do it. Instead she will return to academia and become great. In time he will regret his office romance.

  2. i don’t think he’d have a clue. then again, it’s probably safe not knowing. men are entitled to some extra-curricular activities. 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh BOY! He’s SO gonna get busted for this. Cool story, Mike. I like the idea of paper clips in a webbed antenna configuration with a transmitter in it. Pretty cool!

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