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The phantom dinner

Prompt from: Dale  Rogerson
Prompt from: Dale Rogerson

“I see she’s a regular dinner here Bert. Do you both still sing Chim Chim Cher-ee”.

“No my Mary’s right grown up now, but she still pops in for special occasions. She was here yesterday, dinned with Emily. Gave her a few tips. You know how to get the best out of an umbrella in London. I even heard her telling Emily to watch out for Chimney Sweeps. I did laugh”.

“Bert have you still got that old car, you know Chitty, the one Coggins sold you”.

“I have”.

“Well let’s go and join Mary, or should I say Julie”.

Footnote: My original post for this prompt was written as a continuous flow of words; almost as if Bert was dreaming… Following two requests I have posted two alternative versions. I will be interested to know how this version feels Mike.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. Dear Michael,

    I enjoyed the whimsical exchange and definitely got the movie references. However, it would have been easier to follow had the characters’ lines been spaced out rather than lumped into a continuous paragraph. Cute story, nonetheless.



  2. So enjoying the references to beloved films (especially with the new Mary Poppins coming out – can’t wait!) but must tell you. It is very difficult your insisting on not at the very least changing paragraphs with each speaker…

    1. Hi Dale, I am glad you enjoyed the references, I am also looking forward to seeing the new Mary Poppins film. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs in this flash post. It reflects the way in which my thought processes turn out stories. For some reason with this particular post, I was unable at the time to modified it.

    1. Hi Bernadette, the part of Mary Poppins in a film was played by Dame Julie Andrews. She is now an author. In the next few weeks there is to be a new film released called Mary Poppins Returns. The original film showed Mary Poppins floating skywards holding an umbrella

  3. Nice mashup of a few beloved Dick Van Dyke movies from my youth. Talk about making good use of an umbrella as a prop– or a chimney sweeps wand! And the beloved song “toot sweets!” You brought it all back. Cant wait for their next adventure.

  4. A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be. Nice one with references from two of my favourite childhood movies (and I even had the Mary Poppins series of books.).

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