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One day in my life

Photo curtsy of Lisa Fox

What if we are inaccurate in our views of the universe, the stars could be a giant computer, storing events a billion times faster than a nanosecond. Recording everything since the start of the universe. If this computer records every moment of every living individual. Do events continue to live and interact with each other, making time travel possible. If so I will be able to visit America in 1915 and watch Della Crewe on her epic journey from Texas to New York. Now where is my puncture repair kit.

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  1. Fun idea. Glad time travel doesn’t happen. it’s a chaotic idea. 😀

    BTW, “curtsy” of…you meant “courtesy of. Curtsy is what ladies at a king’s court do. I suspect auto-correct!


    1. I think with all the imposed restrictions, which include no conversation, no return journeys and no material goods allowed, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I bend my knee to you, as I did feel that the spelling was incorrect

  2. If you revisited American in 1916, you could take a cross-continent road trip with the Van Buren sisters, Augusta and Adeline. But, then again, they rode Indian motorcycles . . .

  3. Call me a cynic… but I think I’d rather hold on to the romance of the past and excitement of the future than actually go into it. I fear either might disappoint me.

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