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The evidence
The evidence

Now this is the fact of it, Mam, when we found him he was just sitting starring at this jam jar which as you can see is full of batteries. He was mesmerised like. There was a reporter’s note pad and a fancy silver pen to one side of him, and a computer set to contact a Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. We checked the battery’s for clue’s, nothing there. The newest battery was dated March 2015. So far Mam he has said very little, except, that he can not come up with the answer, he seems perplexed by the image. Mam.

Photo credit Sean-Fallon.

I don’t have a printed copy of this

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  1. Dear Micheal,

    Contact has been made.;) I hope you don’t mind the grammar nittpickiness of herself. Batteries is plural, not possessive, therefore ‘batteries’ not ‘battery’s.’ Reporter’s notepad is possessive, therefore you may take an apostrophe and from the batteries and give it the reporter. “Reporter’s…” Jones needs no apostrophe either. My work is done here. Clever non-story. I enjoyed the humor.



    1. I second Rochelle’s comments.
      This is probably amusing, but I found the apparent randomness of apostrophes and commas quite distracting.

  2. I looked at the picture, said, “Mmm” and “Mmm” and “Mmm” again and took off for my aerobics a dn Zumba classes. While flying through the air with greatest of un-ease, I came up with a story. I love how you took care of the “Mmm” issue. Good luck with repairs.

  3. Hahah! Such a clever take on the prompt. I have to admit that the idea for mine came almost immediately, but there have been several times I’ve looked at the photo and fallen into a drool-inducing stupor. Nice work!

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