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Half Time

Photo curtsy of Ted Strutz … thank you Ted

The drift was slow, bit by bit changes occurred which by themselves seemed innocent. So if you could go back seventy million years would you become a dragon slayer. …If you cut out the evil ones, would worse replaced what you destroyed. …Individuals have rallied to good causes down the centuries. …When you create death, what cosmic evolution have you prevented. …Yet fate is more profound than you, dragons were only there at the behest of fate. …Fate decided that the dragons should depart though a meteorite strike. Half Time had arrived…

I hope that this weeks offering will relate in time to the character Storm.

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    1. Hi Neil, I had to post early this morning, out for coffee etc… I was not very satisfied with the last line… sadly my Half time comment relates to half time in the earths productive life cycle.

    1. Hi Rochelle, I posted quickly this morning as I was out for coffee etc. In hindsight I am not really satisfied with the last line. As I was trying to relate time to the productive cycle of planet earth.

  1. I like the pace of this story. Considering it covers half the productive life of our planet, it’s remarkably relaxed! Good writing, Michael.

  2. Good things the dragons moved to Saturn. 😉 Sadly, we now take the place of the asteroid, and I’m afraid all the species we bring to extinction won’t find a refuge elsewhere. Great story.

  3. We still have time to temper our interference. If only we would accept that we don’t know best and work with nature instead of trying to dominate her! Intrigued by the mention of your character, Storm.

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