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Travelling in time

Photograph Prompt from Ted Strutz

Sumer is beautiful, our underground home is full of sound, so many visit us. Long may Ishtar guide and protect us. …We are traveling, our home is made of poles and skins, lined with felt, father uses a lens from Nimrud to light our clay brazier, mother makes bread, I gather seeds and grind them. …
Byzantium is full of people, the smell of spices makes me dizzy, mother is to make honey cakes tonight. …
The sea is so cold, this wooden craft has taken us prisoners, we see monsters from the deep. May the painted people see our knowledge…

Hardknott Pass

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  1. Dear Michael

    I felt like I was there smelling the dizzying spices. Well described travel through time.



  2. Some lovely sensory description in your story, Michael. You’ve also captured a sense of movement. Nicely done.

  3. Michael,
    You capture the migration of peoples, each with their tales of journeys past and present, with immediacy and a great sense of time and place. Amazing how you did this in only 100 words!

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