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Just the two of us

Prompt curtsy of Dale Rogerson

We are both old said garlic to the skillet. Yet what a great marriage we would make, if only Olive agreed to join us over the flames.

But garlic Olive is afraid of heat, it makes her yield to your charms . It’s the same with all herbs, they all warm to your will when the heat is turned on. Even me. I find that I glow with pleasure when the flames touch me. then I find myself dreaming of peppers and tomatoes. Whilst if onions and finely sliced potatoes join in and the master throws in Cumberland sausages. Well that is a marriage made in heaven.

Over the last two week I have spent a considerable time in my garden getting it ready for autumn. So I apologise to anyone where I failed to reciprocate feedback. Unfortunately I cannot also use the like button on WordPress. Whilst I find my skill/ability at commenting fluctuates wildly.

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    1. Good food usually has that effect. I know that, as I try to sample a wide variety. Now I am thinking of haggis and neeps, and a fine whisky. Damned Covid, it is stopping my gastric adventure to Scotland

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