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New Memories

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Photo copyright: Janet Webb.

Alyssa wondered what the girls name was. In the words of her ancestors she called on the creator to be merciful. Then she tilted her face to the sky and lifted her voice to the heavens as she sang a ancient lullaby. She felt the child relax and the child’s heart rate slow.

A tap on her shoulder disturbed her as a voice said, we will take her mother. Elijah had returned with his father.

Three days later they returned with gifts including bell cloches; but the best gifts were a name – Anaya – and a pale but smiling female child.


I hope that is story stands alone, although it is a follow on story to ‘Change or Die’ which I posted yesterday. As I write this footnote there is another story knocking to get out, a story about Marjory: I will post it if it comes to anything.

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  1. OK, I’m back. Very interesting premise. It seems to stand alone. I did two stories myself, but pointed the old one first, then the sequel, Worked like a charm. Very good and complex story, Mike.

    1. I was also pleased with the names which arrived to live in this story. The prompt photo was so lovely, it demanded that I worked harder on my response and the names. I believe that there is a lesson for me in that.

    1. Thank you Sarah Ann. ‘New Memories’ and the linked story ‘Change or Die’, have reminded me of how the prompt photos effect my FF, for both prompt photos really spoke to me.

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