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Controlling Resources

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Photo copyright: Jan Wayne Fields

The arid landscape would be transformed, well at least that’s what the Force co-operative said. They also said that it was all about recovering the earth’s supply of water. No one realised then, that the disappearance of over half of the earth’s surface water was down to the Force co-operative.

No one realised the co-operative was diverting vast amounts of ocean water into its underground empire. An empire built using deceit and stealth. Perhaps at the beginning the co-operative had laudable aims, but then Dacia took over at the helm of Force, with her agenda of world dominance..

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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    1. You are right, just at the moment I am struggling with a raft of activities; which has tempted me to stop writing flash fiction, for I find myself not giving enough time to my writing.

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