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Life Saving Hypnosis.

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Photo copyright; Kent Bonham

Hello Mrs Ashcanazig, my name is Iswar, I am a hypnotist.  The police have asked me to help you see if you can recall the details of the vehicle that you saw leaving your home. …

You saw the number plate, but can’t recall it. We really need that number, to get your child back. You said it was a inky blue booted VW.

Your mothers age 82 – the age of your child 18 weeks, yes I got that. The middle three numbers – 5 the age of your other child. 84 the age of your father. The driver you knew him? Your partner!

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      1. Oh no, don’t regret it! It’s a part of life today that we need to acknowledge, and realize it for the crime that it is. You did such a good job with it.

          1. I think you may be onto something there, Michael. Trust your inner muse, along with your inner critic! I enjoyed this piece, could see the timepiece swinging before her eyes and the mechanical repeating of the information by the hypnotists – which is probably not how they work at all now – there’s probably an app or something!

          2. Yes, that happens. But for these quickly written little stories, I find that I don’t tend to rewrite them, either in my head or in actuality. It’s the longer stuff I struggle with more.

        1. Hypnosis was not my intended subject for this story, but it took over! Many years back when working in the field of psychiatry, I witnessed the use of basic hypnosis, with mixed results. Perhaps that is were this story came from?

          1. Thank you for sharing this information. Our inspirations and their relations to our experiences are often convoluted. It is an interesting subject for me.

    1. My vision must have been fixed on the number plate, for I did not intend to write a story about hypnosis, usually I know my story outline before I start writing. This time I did not. I thank you for your support. Mike

  1. This is a sad and tragical subject, but so well written, Michael. I’m in awe like, piece by tiny peace you revealed the tragedy and gave us the information we (and the police) needed.

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