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Earth Bound.

Photo copyright: Joy Pixsley
Photo copyright: Joy Pixley

Yim used her levitation ability to lift herself out of the bucket seat. Then ordered the spacecraft to ease backwards. Drifting to the hibernation pod she found herself hoping the ties she had attached to the Saturn erratic would hold. For when she next woke up, her craft would be approaching Earth. She settled into the pod smiling at the term earth. How could any planet so completely covered in processing plants be called Earth. Even the planets water had disappeared; as it had become a thick chemical soup. Some said that once the planet had been a rare blue gem in the universe. But now it was a hollowed out shell. A place used to process chunks of rock dragged in by freighters. Well at least, when her craft reached the planet she would be able to relax at the orbiting station. Shame it was only a pale shadow of the planets former moon, that had long been cut up. Well perhaps the station still had a mating terminal, she hoped so. Yim turned on the mixture of chemicals which would ensure she was held in stasis until she reached Earth; wondering if the planets original inhabitants had tolerated mating. Perhaps…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Thank you Reena, In my mind there are only robots left on planet earth. I hope that I can use the story ‘Earth Bound’ to tie together quite a lot of other pieces of my flash writing.
      There is welcome rain here today, so I am going to try my hand at writing a romance, something I rarely do.

    1. I am hopeful that I can use ‘Earth Bound’ to tie together several other pieces of my flash fiction. There is welcome rain here today, so I am going to try my hand at writing a romance, which is a genre that is somewhat out of my comfort zone.

  1. Depressing but eye-opening sci-fi, as sci-fi often is — well done! Like Iain, at least the silver lining is that the planet will still be good for *something* after we’ve totally ruined it. Good luck tying this in with the related flash stories. And good luck trying your hand at romance too — it’s always nerve-wracking to write outside your comfort zone!

  2. Sci Fi requires a great deal of imagination to project a future that is totally possible. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Good one, Michael.

  3. A not to distant future. I just saw a commercial that stated how quickly visits to the moon would become.

    Been a bit of a soupy mix here today processing 6-8 inches of rain. The creek in our backyard overflowed out of its banks.

      1. The ground is still very soggy, but all the water seems to be back in its banks… Thank you.

        We did have a wire down due to high winds – Hubby was coming home the back way and had to turn around – might have been a phone line. I’m thinking they have that repaired now too.

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