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It Happen’s

Photo copyright: Tim Livingston
Photo copyright: Tim Livingston

We went for a drive – then we got lost – that’s how it started. None of us knew what was about to happen. Billy had been driving whilst the rest of us drank home made gin. I did not noticed Jill slipping Billy the odd drink or two, until it was to late.

I know we spun of the road, and I felt the car falling. I know I will not walk again, but I was the lucky one. Billy and Jill were burnt alive when the car bust into flames. Whilst Joe and myself ¬†were thrown out of the car. I think Joe probably died instantly when his neck was broken. The one I really feel sorry for is my unborn child: Joe’s child. I only had a month to go, one month and our son would have been born. I’ve lost my friends and the future that I was looking forward to. Now I am dying, whether anyone will ever find us at the bottom of this cliff, only god knows. Our father …

Six months earlier at a bend in the road
Six months earlier at a bend in the road
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  1. A horribly tragic tale, Michael. I think she’s wrong – I think she has a punishment just as bad as the others, to lie there knowing she’s dying, waiting for her own end. Well done

  2. this was hard to read, for I felt the intensity from the start and she is alone, bearing the burden to be the last one living and seeing everyone else gone, that’s the greatest heartbreak, even her own dying seemed less important. so sad Michael.

  3. A compelling read, really makes you think how dangerous drinking and driving is. It’s so sad about the almost due child and the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer at the end really gives a feeling of desperateness and the coming of death. Maybe he’d prefer to die knowing what happened to his friends and family?

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