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Waiting for


Prompt photo provided anonymously .

I am waiting here you see until the door opens. Then I will know the answer to my question. The trouble is that I have been waiting here rather a long time. I know that I need to wait but I don’t have long left. That damned gecko is watching me. He been a pain in the butt for days now, following me with that silly grin on his face. Thank heavens it is pretty cold at the moment, it’s made him almost moribund. Mine you it’s not doing much for me either. I’ll just wait a bit longer. Just a bit longer.

The child’s a fascinating subject you see, he is so observant and he offers me plenty of tip bits. Trouble is he is also interested in the gecko. Well the child seems interested in any animal, he is not at all like the rest of his family. Mine you they are rather a interesting bunch in their own right.  Since they came to live at this place it has never been dull. I can feel the breeze getting up, perhaps I better take shelter. Damned gecko, it will come to a fight, I am sure it will.

Footnote: a few years back I read a interesting book written by Gerald Durrell called The Corfu Trilogy. Durrell was a Zoologist. In this story I have imagined the subjects he studied, talking about him.

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  1. Gerald Durrell. My Family And Other Animals. It was a book that we had to read in school. We were an on class in school. We did no Shakespeare and no -wossisname – Dickens, that’s it. No CHarles Dickens.

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