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Listening can Hurt

Photo copyrighted.
Photo copyrighted.

Issy heard the sister’s shout, but it was to late, the camera shutter clicked. Frustratingly the Fox was safe for he had hidden his face just in time. The Force had never been able to get an image of him, but slowing they were closing in on his family. Once the Force had a usable image they detailed watchers, the system was almost fool proof. Watch and listen till the individual made a mistake, then reel them in and retune them.
Once retuned they would be returned to the family, and used to infiltrate deeper; so that one day the Force organisation could locate the Fox. Once they had him, they would stop his questioning mind. For the Force organisation did not appreciate being questioned.
For generations the clan of the Fox had resisted the Force’s mantra that “power belonged in the hands of the aliens for the good of all on earth”.

My thanks this week are due to Yinglan, for a picture which allowed me to think and write about the Fox family.
At present my writing appears centred around a group of characters who are becoming well known to me. It seems that they will be fated to appear in my flash fiction offerings, until perhaps I kill them off. Yet if a writer kills a character, will that individual strive to return?. I guess that I will find the answer to my question in time.

Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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    1. I first came across this character a couple of years back, at that point he was fleeing those pursuing him. He turned out to be a hard character to pin down. So I am not sure how his life will develope.

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