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Within Diamond

Photo copyright: A mixed Bag
Photo copyright: A mixed Bag

Jeb was sat ostensibly counting the bundles of gloves, his assignment today within Block 3303. He however found himself wondering why Jon had been selected by the Force organisation for relocation. Meanwhile a small group stood waiting for the canal gate to shut. For in Diamond each units gates stayed closed except for the twelve minutes allowed for loading the freight barge. Goods travelled but people were rarely allowed to. In Diamond you where born in a birthing cubicle where you stayed until four years old. Then you where placed into a family unit. After that you normally resided in your block until you died.

Within the small group observing the passing traffic beyond the gate on the canal, Jeb knew Susanna waited. What he did not know was that she wanted to be able to roam at will. For now that Jon was leaving she had no desire to stay. But travel was forbidden, unless it was demanded by Jeb who was the Force’s overseer for factory Block 3303. Presumptuously Jeb placed his palm over a sensor which allowed a surge of water to move the barge away from the dock. The barge had been loaded within the regimes time limit.

Mike prior to his visit to the barbers.
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  1. Brick by brick, your Diamond is coming together Michael. What would really help newcomers hop on, however, is a ‘Story so far’ link, which gets updated every time you write another chapter. I know it’s more work, but it’ll help you keep track of things also.

    1. You are right, sadly I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers. ‘A story so far’ link would definately help. I will try and work on it. In the mean time I am attempting to write on other subjects also. Which is hard as the next two instalments of Storms journey keep playing in my mind.

      1. The best writing comes when you allow those stories jumping inside you to come out through your pen, or keyboard in current times. That is why I always say that stories have a life of their own.

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