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Lighting the way

Photo curtsy of  Randy Mazie
Photo curtsy of Randy Mazie

The darkness encourages me to wonder about travelling to the stars. I understand the distance involved, yet how I wish to see even the smallest star that flickers in my mind. With time perhaps I will roam from star to star, and see colour again, from the deepest purples to the palest creams. Instead of this total blackness. Even though it will mean the chains holding me to the wall are stretched to the limit. Whilst as a captive writer my work may never be finished. However should I escape this terrorist cell, you will find me …

Footnote: Having altered words and changed sentences without success, I feel that I have failed to get this piece to work as I desired.

Visiting Berlin
Visiting Berlin
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  1. Dear Michael
    If this is failure, I’d love to see success! It’s a wonderfully conceived piece, and there are so many ways of reading it. As a literal description of a captive held by terrorists it’s tremendously powerful. As a metaphor for the overwhelming forces that can stifle creativity; writer’s block, certainly, but also mental illness, and physical circumstance; it’s extraordinary.
    Loved it, despite its darkness.

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