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Camino de Santiago

Photograph copyrighted. Anonymous
Photograph copyrighted. Anonymous

Over thousands of years people had walked this route in penance for their transgressions. But since the start of the tenth epoch, this walk had linked not only with St James, but with the survival of humanity. The ninth epoch had seen all the people of earth rise up against the Force and its leader Dacia. Few had given humanity any chance of winning their freedom, for earth’s water was the most valuable resource in the universe. Many had asked why human beings should have control over the earth’s water after the way they had squandered the pristine waters of the oceans.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. What an epic story from a picture of patched boots! One little grammatical fix–should be earth’s water. Without the apostrophe, it’s just plural–as in more than one earth. Or maybe that’s what you intended 🙂

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