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Photo curtsy of Ted Strutz
Photo curtsy of Ted Strutz

Samson is special you know, there ain’t many like him. He has power a plenty and can land where others can’t. You know when I am flying over routes used by earlier generations to get around, I marvel at their tenacity.
But you know Samson has tenacity, once as I was when I was landing a family of beavers surfaced just as we touched down. Old Samson just lifted a float and smiled at them critters. Many a time he’s dodged water logged tree trunks, I have never know anyone better. If you buy him, you better treat him well.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Thank you Susan, I set out to write a Rev Awdry type story, but failed. However I did spend the day at Leeds and Bradford airport, where all the plane where washed and well turned out. So maybe a story will turn up yet.

  1. Such affection in the voice of this pilot, parting with his loyal companion. Samson, with its connotation of strength and hidden vulnerability (as in the Old Testament) is a fine name for a plane.

  2. Now there’s a man in love with his seaplane. It sounds like he’s reaching an age where he can’t fly like he used to. I hope Samson finds a good home. Good story and well written, Michael. 🙂 — Suzanne

  3. Many say material possessions are just machines without feelings. But we still form attachment with our possessions. Believe me if we love our boat, plane, car, they love us back. We must treat everything we own, inanimate and living, with love.

  4. Nice story! Beavers – I remember the first time I learned how to water ski. I was going along and suddenly every one was pointing at something ahead of me and swish, swish. I just water skied over a mound of water moccasins that were moving to the other side of the rising lake. Samson is a really good pilot! He saved the beavers with hardly a blink! I like this guy – I really, really do!

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