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Just another day

Photo Prompt curtsy of Jeff Arnold
Photo Prompt curtsy of Jeff Arnold

The cafe was empty, or so I thought, however as it was my usual watering place I entered. As I ordered a latte, made with coconut milk, I offered a quip about empty seats, and how I was spoiled for places to sit.

“Not true Michael” came the reply. Henrietta went on to fill every seat in the cafe. “You see Micheal, Jim likes the seat next to the newspaper stand, while Josie always sits on the seat next to the toilet door”. Henrietta filled each seat with images of her customers. In our game she always has the best quip.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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          1. Why not? Perhaps you could combine your love of food with your love of writing, by penning something about the chef at Greenacres?

  1. Im guessing the connection to the chess board is that every piece, like every customer, has its place. A very warm and friendly scene of a restaurant thet is nearly empty but not really.

  2. I always love to people-watch and cafes are some of the best places. Visitors get up and leave but their stories stick around in the empty chairs. Every café should have a Henrietta too. I liked her very much.

    1. I am glad that you like Henrietta. As people come together like in a cafe, then the interest levels often ratchets up. Today I was a passenger on a crowded train, there were many stories to be told.

  3. Henrietta sounds like one of those old time Cafe owners/workers who knows everything about the habits of the regulars. I’d keep on going to her place. Nothing like a place that makes you feel welcome.

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