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No way out

Photo prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot
Photo prompt curtsy of Roger Bultot

I am trapped with no way out, so I circle and circle. The residents of this place try catching me, but I am too fast for them. They chase and chase me, at least that pleases me. I enjoy showing of my turn of speed. Ha they are trying a new technique, attempting to flatten me, but I go high, the silly things can’t fly. So I relax up high and smile at them.

I have got rather hungry with all this caper. What’s that I see, a juicy piece of bread. I will have to be quick…

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. Michael, I’ll go with the bird. I had a bird stuck in the house and it was absolutely terrifying. Full panic attack material. I was a mess.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Rowena, I quite like birds, but my wife agrees with you. It is thought provoking how differing cultural groups react to different species of animals etc. For instance how so many people for India fear dogs.

      However when I was writing this piece of flash I had a fly in mind,

      1. A fly presents an entirely different scenario. People will want to save the bird but swat the fly. Your protagonist is a very vulnerable, threatened species.

  2. Dear Michael,

    I used to work at a grocery store. This put me in mind of the time a bird got caught inside and couldn’t seem to find his way out. Good one.



  3. I really like the twist on the trapped creature taking pleasure in outwitting his pursuers. The creature has such a sharp sense of humour that I wondered, is he a bread-eating sprite?

  4. For me the most obvious candidate was a roach: the flattening comment immediately brought the critter to mind. Of course if hes bragging about flying, he must be a palmetto bug. Either way, the sooner they catch him, the better!

    1. I am now pleased that I let the reader decide who was “playing cat and mouse”, it created a wave of who done it type questions. Birds twelve, roach one, bat one, thank you for joining in, itis appreciated.

  5. As I read the story I imagined a bird soaring in circles just about the human’s heads, taunting them. I guess the fact they wanted to squish “him” indicates an insect, but I thought of a bird. I enjoyed your tale very much! =)

  6. a couple of decades ago, I saw this movie called Mouse Hunt. It was silly but 15 year old me liked it. Your story reminded me of that film. Good fun here, Michael.

    1. Welcome and thank you for following my attempts at flash. I am so pleased that I penned this story, as I have loved reading the comments. I hope that you are no longer breathless, and that you will enjoy reading some of my future flash as much. Although I do try to vary the mix.

    1. I have enjoyed reading all the comment about my mysterious chatterbox, who’s flying antics are legendary. I try to vary the style and subjects, the comments help me understand how I am doing.

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