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The old curio shop

Photo prompt curtsy of Rochelle Wisoff- Fields
Photo prompt curtsy of Rochelle Wisoff- Fields

Today dear readers we start off by visiting Josephines curio shop, to purchase her entire stock of abandoned farthingale hoops. Josephine smile said it all. She had never in a million years believed that she would sell the remaining stock from her great great granddads factory.
Selling five hundred farthingale hoops at one dollar each, not only emptied an entire room, but the cash would allow her to repair her mother’s old jalopy. To drive it up the town high street with brightly coloured ribbons in her hair. Flamboyant and exuberant it might be, but that is our Josephine.

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  1. You had me at the Dickens-inspired title.

    Flamboyant and exuberant are usually fun attributes. She’s also responsible, which should give Josephine a nice balance.

  2. Did anyone else look up “farthingale”? I thought I knew, and I was correct, but it makes the story come alive to think of all those ladies who used to wear them. Great story 🙂

    1. I did not myself ‘consciously’ recall the term farthingale… One of the pleasures with writing, is to undertake research in an attempt to not make factual errors… It is hard to imagine the sheer amount of material needed to utilise farthingale hoops to their full affect.

  3. A good character study, Michael. Those hoops would be antiques now. Theaters would probably buy them for costumes also if they weren’t too fragile. Or it could have been a kindness to Josephine. 🙂 — Suzanne

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