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Photo prompt curtsy of Sandra Crook
Photo prompt curtsy of Sandra Crook

Visitors where told not to come, the risk was high, but they came anyway.

Until recently the true meaning of fever had been forgotten. Although once every single country had a similar word. In England we had a horrifying medieval word – fefor. A word that was spoken in a hushed whisper along with murmured insinuations.

Now once again abandoned fever hospitals are the most numerous type of hospital throughout the world. But this time they came to late. Pristine silence has returned to Earth.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. It would be a devastating infectious disease indeed, that wiped out mankind – although I can just about imagine a genetically modified disease succeeding. What a horrifying way for the world to end.

  2. Not a nice way for life to end, but a possibility. A sobering thought. I like the reference to the medieval word, and the connection between the hushed whispering of that word, and the eventual silence of the world.

  3. A sad but well-written story, Michael. People forget and fear the prevention more than the illness. German measles can even cause a deformed child if the mother catches it when she’s pregnant. Let’s hope there isn’t a plague that kills everyone. My mother said she went through whooping cough with my older brother in the 1920’s and it scared her half to death. Why do so many people have to learn the hard way, the very hard way. 🙁 — Suzanne

    1. Thank you Patricia, I fear that in general human beings have for gotten the lessons of the past when it comes to contagious diseases. whooping cough can be dreadful. Sadly I have had occasion to nurse individuals who have been severely effected and damaged by infectious diseases

    1. It would be, but in my muses take on this story, many of the animal species died alongside us. Not good… I agree a better solution would be for all the animals etc to survive, but I think that humanity has greatly unsettled the natural order when it comes to land based animals. Sorry that I am getting rather philosophical…

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