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Four Lane Ends

Erik Wiklund
Photo copyrighted: Eric Wiklund

Remote was not a strong enough term for the tiny settlement of Four Lane Ends, even the single track railway line had past on by without stopping. For in this place time had stood still for centuries. Just four buildings greeted the four lanes that terminated at the settlement.  A church without a bell or a clock, a blacksmith without customers, a small guest house without guests, and a farm without a farmer.

So when a caravan with a string of piebald pony’s rolled into the sleeping settlement, the six lonely inhabitants of Four Lane Ends were not prepared for what was about to befall them. With the caravans arrival came two of the strangest people that you could imagine. The first might have been a fine figure of a man but for the fact that he was bright red from toe to head. The second individual was perhaps the oddest, dress all in black she had bright ginger hair which reached down to the ground. In time, each of the six people who inhabited the village, if I may call it that; were to experience her fierce temper. For a settlement without a public house was not to her liking.


I have always enjoyed developing scenarios for my many modelling projects. So I have to thank Eric for his photo, which allowed me to draft a outline to one of my new projects. Which is to create a model of a settlement with a narrow gauge railway travelling around it in the approximate scale of 1/29. More information on this project will appear when the website associated with the project is complete. Mike

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    1. There are spelling mistakes and then there are blunders, I blundered. Thank you so very much for the feedback… I am hopeful about the future in the small settlement of Four Lane Ends.

  1. You leave us to wonder where the caravan came from and who the strangers were. 🙂

    Good luck with your scale project. I can imagine having to stop at a place with no comforts.
    My Mother-in-Law used to joke that if the hotel still had a black and white television it was too old for her!
    Of course that was long before the modern flat screens of today.

    (Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt.)

    1. I am pleased to hear that; as Four Lane Ends is my new project for the next year. Four Lane Ends will have its own dedicated web site with links to my existing site. I do hope to develop the story line as my project grows.

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