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Photo copyright: Any1 Mark 66
Photo copyright: Any1 Mark 66


Thank you for coming here professor Simmons, I am interested to know if it’s genuine or a fake.

‘Definitely a fake I am sorry to say’.

If you do find out who produced it, I would be interested to talk to them. My university would pay handsomely for a copy to put up in the main atrium.

Do let me know if you find the artist. There will be a nice cut in it for you. It’s been nice meeting you again Miss Banksy.



Someone called Banksy is an anonymous English based graffiti artist, but my story is of course fictional, I see this story as being placed in the near future; and as in part a comment about capitalism!

The character called Mr Simmons is not based on any individual. So my apologies should there be a professor of cave art out there known by this name.

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