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Photo copyright: Yarnspinnerr
Photo copyright: Yarnspinnerr

Who looks up these days, not so many, it seems. As it used not to be allowed. There were cameras everywhere, watching, even in the underground worlds of Diamond and Painite. Only a few of us had the invisibility gene. The Fox had it, so did Storm, and in the end Storm used it for the good of humanity. Of course the Fox helped her, in fact without his help Storm would have never been able to travel around Diamond. The Fox’s resistance set up helped Storm no end, even with all her genetic enhancements she might have been no match for Dacia and the Force. But lots of people wonder if Dacia and the Force might return. They worry that there might still be some spy’s watching, even recording, sending incriminating reports. Having trust in others is hard after centuries of being ruled by Dacia and her clandestine organisation. Having freedom is great, but how do you ensure it is permanent.

Thank you yarnspinnerr, your photo has enabled me to think about the back story to Dacia.
I am still having some difficulty in commenting, but I do enjoy reading all the stories even if I do not always comment on them.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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  1. I felt as though I was in a crowd of people who could not look up. You gave us a lot of detail but the part I liked the most was your last sentence. I think that is true now, between people, governments and I don’t know that there is an answer to that question. Good flash Michael.

    1. I was so pleased to read your comment Irene. I remember the Speaker of the English Parliament, telling me, that holding on to freedom is the hardest thing to do,

    1. Hi Varad, yes it is a section from an on going story that I hope to develope. A past Speaker of the English Parliament, told me that holding on to freedom will get harder for all nations.

    1. You are right about showing rather than telling. I think unconsciously with this piece of writing, I was writing up notes for myself, as aids to assist in the development of a longer piece.

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