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HMS bountiful

Photo prompt provided by Ted Strutz

Roland Rod-Dan took his time to check that no one else was watching. Yes Roland was rather hungry, but it was better to be hungry for a while, than become some else’s supper. For on the good ship HMS Bountiful Roland was considered fair game. Yes the name of the game was catch you a longtail. Individuals like Roland where considered fair sport. Once catch yourself a Rod-Dan you set up a arena, then the fun started, wagers where placed. It was egregious the games that where played on Roland. Finally he might even be baked in a clay jacket.

Footnote: egregious is one of those words that has fallen out of use. Egregious might be used to mean outstandingly bad, or even remarkably good. Rod-Dan is my euphemism for a rat.

St Annes Sand
St Annes Beach
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  1. I love the word “egregious.” You’re right–we don’t hear it much these days. “Outrageous” is much more familiar. Poor Rodney. The “Bountiful” wasn’t too bountiful for him!

    1. Roland is grateful for your concern, but says that he has left the boat and now resident in Eboracum. I to am grateful for your comment. Particularly as commenting is something I usually find difficult

  2. Michael, this reminds of a neighbor we had where I grew up. He put lots of fattening treats out for the fox squirrels that lived in the oak trees. In the fall, he would harvest them. Just like shooting fish in a barrel. Gruesome! The men on the sailing ships had at least some excuse for their acts.

    1. Barbecued squirrel. Fascinating. It sounds like a story in its own right. Roland is now feeling happier, as he has disembarked from the ship and now lives in Eboracum

        1. At one point neither did he, however he did. Now he wants me to write his memoirs. I have warned him that I have a poor record when it comes to getting a book finished.

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