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Septimius and Self Reflection

Photo Copyright: Rochelle W
Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A cold shower usually did the trick, but after a long night reading eight hundred year old manuscripts Septimius felt jaded. He rarely felt really exhausted, but this morning was different. For the last fortyeight hours he had been debating his future. Now the university dean had sent word that he was to attend his office at 10 am.

Until one month back Septimius had engaged in the typical behaviour of a student. Drunk and missing lectures, he had failed to hand in essays; and parties, well the less said the better on that.

‘Septimius would you attend a conference with me’.

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After taking note of feedback on this post. I need to piont out that this post is the authors attempt to develope the character of Septimius. And as such should be read as an extract from a much longer story. [centred around Septimius Sidebottom and Mr’s McDuffy].

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    1. Hi Lynn. At present two characters keep slipping into my writing. In allowing them room to develope, I forgot my readers did not have the full story. My apologies to you and all who read this.

  1. I, too, am confused, Michael. I am sure once you’ve got your characters sorted out, we will be better able to follow. It is difficult when the stories continue from one week to the next – as we read so many others…

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