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The Pastel Claw

Photo copyright: yarnspinnerr
Photo copyright: yarnspinnerr

Anyone who knew about the murder, might have wondered why no one had been prosecuted. Victor Stinson acted under the nom de plume of Jameson. He was shot whilst up taking the prime role in the film The Pastel Claw, as a Police Inspector. The publicity around his death had brought film goers out in droves.

Thomas Stinson smiled, for his father’s murder had released a lot of cash. Thomas had purchased his dream Ferrari. As the car hit a wall that smiled faded. Thomas’s life flash before him. The finial image being his wife’s smile as she shot Victor.

Mike attempting to  write.
Mike attempting to write.
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    1. Thank you Sandra, I am learning from those who write flash. Myself I was not so keen on this story, but then I rarely read murder novels. But we write what we write, and I rarely throw anything away. I would need a whole flotilla of barges, if I lived on canal barge. I love watching the craft using the Liverpool to Leeds canal. Always wanted one, but never stepped of the bank.

    1. You are safe, I do not intend to allow them any more appearances. I was surprised when I found myself writing about crime and murder. But some stories just arrive it seems. Thank you Alicia.

    1. I was so pleased to read your feedback, magarisa. But such are the tribulations of being a writer, for I now wonder if Thomas even realised that it was his wife who shot his father.

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