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Photo curtsy of Sandra C
Photo curtsy of Sandra Crook

If certain individuals have their way, days like today will fade away Daughter. So it is up to you and your generation to fight for the hard won rights that now grace our society. A society that needs to remain as a beacon to people throughout this planet.

Freedom to roam, to enjoy life, to not be persecuted or downtrodden, has always required individuals to battle those who would prefer to take advantage of the less fortunate. So daughter remember this day, take it with you in life as you battle injustice. Championing the less able is a just cause.

Footnote. We need to encourage and support those who care for the downtrodden, for at this time many political leaders seem incapable of understanding compassion.

Michael Humphris.

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  1. Unfortunately I think we have championed personal achievement and fame over other values such as quiet service for others. Your message is timely and I do hope it will travel!

  2. A good story and well written, Michael. Many living today haven’t lived through the terrible things that have happened in the not too distant past so don’t understand what many have gone through. Some help others in need as they have more empathy. Sadly, some seem to have none at all. —- Suzanne

  3. I like the way you present your important message in the form of a parent talking to their daughter on a day out together. It’s a message we would all do well to heed.

  4. We can’t afford complacency. Everyone must participate if we are to maintain what we have. I like how your story encapsulates not only these truths, but also the importance of ensuring the right attitudes are handed down to each generation.

    1. You are so right, thankfully many individuals are aware and work to make society fairer in their locality , but it will take someone special to tackle the global situation

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