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A Parisian adventure

Photo prompt from Ronda Del Baccio [\caption]

Ro-Dan‘s whether Parisian or not, were banned from entering baskets attached to balloons. However Roland was skilled in getting around such difficulties, Roland spotted an open pocket in the navigators coat. One skilled leap carried Roland from the mooring rope to the coat. Roland eased himself into the deep pocket. A powerful reck of snuff nearly made him sneeze. With care Roland enlarged a small hole in the pocket then slipped through. Moving round to the rear of the coat he parked his tail and awaited the frill of flight. For Roland had boarded a early dirigible bound for the ocean.

Note, I am late posting this week as I have been writing the first chapter of a book about the adventures of Roland Ro-Dan. Today’s post will be part of a chapter yet to be written.

[caption id="attachment_7557" align="alignnone" width="300"] A fine day at Mevagissey
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    1. Iain Roland is still well, however he is still all at sea so to speak; he has deserted HMS Bountiful and is now traveling the globe ! He and I thank you very much for your continued interest

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