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Guilty pleasures

Photo curtsy of P P
Photo curtsy of Dale Rogerson

He spent the day in his shed, the sun cast a warm glow over his pride and joy: a Victorian Cropper printing press. Many times he stroked the lustrous finish, if he could have burnished it more, he would have. The persistent chime of the house bell finally got through.

Yes officer.

Mr McDuff:


I am afraid I have bad news, is there someone who can join us.

No officer only the wife, and she is dinning out.

There was an explosion Mr McDuff…

Mr McDuff, do you by any chance know: the man she was dinning with.

A fine day at Mevagissey
A fine day at Mevagissey
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  1. What Rochelle just said… I’ve actually printed on one of those Cropper presses. It was a royal pain to set up text to, but the result was awesome. What I wouldn’t give to have one of my own. Then, maybe, I could afford to print some of my writings. Great story!

  2. Oh dear. Of course he should have paid better attention but it isn’t his fault that date of hers apparently blew up the building. Great descriptions, Michael, I love that press.

  3. You left a lot of room around your story for conjecture. Maybe she was covered by a big insurance policy and he can buy another press to polish…

  4. Poor Mr. McDuff. His wife has died while cheating on him. It’s a double dose of bad news. At least the police don’t seem to suspect him. A good story and well come, Michael. —- Suzanne

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