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It needed a long cold hard stare, Ryan knew why: E for earth and 48 for the year of my birth, this meant we were home. It had been a long journey, the drain beckoned it was my path to the underworld. Was I ready, for Tuesday was waiting and her smile was wicked. How could I tell her it had all been in vain. That Arkyn had got there first. That we had lost the battle to defeat the kingdom of Norc: And even worse Arkyn was at this moment heading for Earth. Now my world faced the Caerulum, the blue breath of extermination…


The above is from the narrative of Benjimin Blue, an account of the annihilation of an inhabited world by the kingdom of Norc. I will be posting more fragments from Benjimin Blue.

I have a printed copy available

Flash fiction: 1-1-2016, in response to a Friday Fictioneers photo showing a drain [Number E48] Photo prompt by  C E Ayr.


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