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I am late to the party this week. I was preoccupied with another project, which failed. Just as our national leaders are failing to stop Putin…

Photo prompt from Roger Bultot

Well we all wanted change, but no one knew how to make it happen. We crowded together, we talked, we ate, but no leader came forth. We all had our reasons why, including me. Yes it takes someone special to be a leader, but it seems that most who can lead, have a ruthless side to their nature. We turned our back on the church, now our leaders are turning their backs on us. They have their multiple billions, their hidden retreats, but they forget, they die like us. Return to peace leaders… or justice awaits you.

Humanity and Nature in retreat.

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  1. Ah, though to be fair, the Church had turned its back on the people many a time before that, and perhaps there was a reason to turn away from them. As to who the leaders are (and aren’t), one can wonder who they learned absolute rule via supposed righteousness under pain of suffering … but I digress … Well written, Michael! And may peace and sanity reign over dogma or dictatorship.

  2. I am with you on leadership. Even with the smallest issue, egos and hidden agendas get in the way, and as you climb the food chain those egos and hidden agendas get exponentially more toxic. I don’t have much hope for humanity to suddenly start acting with integrity and altruism.

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