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So cold

Photo prompt curtsy of J Hardy

Yesterday the government informed the country, that we the people must no longer burn coal.

At the railway yard, there are several piles of coal. All are white washed. You approach with two younger children, pulling a small wooden cart. In the darkness you expect to succeed.

In his shelter a sentry hears the rumble of wheels. He waits till the cart is full, then you are apprehended, taken to his pillbox and sternly rebuked. The coal left behind, you return to a freezings house. The sentries brazier now glows brightly.

Coffee and conversation at Filmore and Union

At the moment I flounder in my attempts to comment, so please accept my apologies. I do attempt to read every flash posted on Friday Fictioneers. There where some fine stories last week

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  1. We are one of the species that preys upon its own kind. Wouldn’t it interesting to learn that the food chain was inverted and fungi were really at the top?

  2. Why is it that people in the government most often see themselves as ‘the government’ and not ‘the people’! This is a tale for all generations – only the coal changes.

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