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Business is Business

Photo copyright: Bjorn
Photo copyright: Bjorn Rudberg

Rog smiled as she moved around her den, she had created a  beautiful wall, well business is business she thought. Tonight she would start on creating her next masterpiece. She wondered why the humans were such fools, why they left such beautiful things behind.

Tonight she had decided to stay close to the waters edge, for the river was her retreat. The last resort should the humans be so drunk that they tried to hug her. She smiled recalling the moments when they tried, their eyes round with shock. As if they had never realized that Water Wombles wore hats.


I am rather strapped for time as present, self inflicted and mostly due to a new project. [More details in time]. However I will read all the posted stories. In the mean time I hope that Christmas treats you all kindly.

My thanks go out to Rochelle and Bjorn for providing a photo prompt which allowed me to smile as I recalled those magical creatures the “Wombles of Wimbledon Common’’ by Elizabeth Beresford.



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  1. Dear Michael,

    I might have to look up the Wombles. Never heard of them. Cute story that left me wondering what happens to the human who hugs Rog.

    I spent the better part of yesterday wrapping, packaging and posting so I feel you re the Holidays. A happy one to you, my friend.



    1. I am not sure, they may be an invention of mine, but I don’t think so. My first draft for this story had quite a different finish involving water. Then I radically changed the story but the Water Womble remained

          1. It perhaps might depend, for I am a great recycler of toy trains and tin cans At the present time I am trying to make a Tardis fly . Perhaps I have had to much Madeira wine.

  2. I don’t guess Wombles were popular in the US, or I just don’t remember them. I looked them up; they look cute and I am sure are full of adventure.

    1. Hi Susan, I understand that the BBC messed up, so the Wombles did not make it to the states. Ever since childhood I have been interested in reusing and recycling. So the Wombles fitted in well with me. Hope that Christmas is kind to you. Mike

  3. You have managed to export the Wombles state side single-handed! Next a story about sprouts? Have a lovely Christmas and I’m sure you’ll be recycling all that wrapping paper Womble-style!

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Water Wombles. I’m trying to imagine her masterpieces. It is a pity she is able to make them from what we don’t dispose of properly. I can see her shying away from those drunken hugs, and can’t blame her.

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