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Photo copyright: Enisa
Photo copyright: Enisa

If only they would design one of these automobiles for us cats, I could really do with one. I would have such fun.

I would start by tormenting the neighbourhood dogs.

Hi Rover, do you like my new wheels, go on you silly mutt, that right chase my wheels, dogs are such annoying animals.

After sorting out the neighbourhoods dogs, I could tackle the the other male cats. By heaven, they would have to scatter if I chose to chase them – and let them try sleeping on my car’s roof – they’ed get a nasty shock.

As for that darned mouse Gerry, I would be able to sneak up on him. He would not be expecting me to leap out of my own car. As for the birds. Well cat’s can dream, can’t he.

It just like when she brings me my food, it’s usually some boring pouch, or worse still dried out biscuits. But I usually talk myself into believing that it king prawns.

I’d best be signing off now, I just seen that … …



Please forgive me if I do not comment much at present.  I am a bit stretched, as I am working on several new projects. More details in the new year. I however read all the stories posted, and will reply to comments. Mike.

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