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The Stones of Man

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Photo copyright: Eric Wicklund

Yes it was one of those days, hot and bone dry. Jelmelda wondered why she had allowed Omo to talk her into agreeing with Adam’s plan. The inhabitants of this world were so difficult. The men were barbarous, as for the women their conversation was primitive.

Adam had left in a attempt to find a pathway back to his universe.  He had now been gone for two of the earthlings years. With Omo’s help she had taught a young girl how to till the ground and sow seeds. Now at least she had a regular supply of grain. The girls father had turned out to be a passable hunter. Now Jelmelda needed to teach the girl to cook.

Jelmelda scanned the vast plain looking for any sign of Omo, he had been missing too long. He had loved to explore this world and saw opportunities that amazed her. He had turned a twisted piece of tree into a camera obscura, allowing him to trace sun spot activity. Now the locals called him a sun god.

Hi Jelmelda are you looking for me, sorry I have been away so long, I’ve found a vast river. I have called it the Nile.

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  1. Any sufficiently advanced science will seem like magic — I can see how they think Omo is a sun god. And hm, I can guess what’s going to happen on the Nile… pyramids? 🙂

  2. I like this. How the Egyptians started to worship their Gods.

    Just one slight error though. First line of the third paragraph – “he had been gone to long.” should be “he had been gone too long”.

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