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Travelling high up

Photo prompt curtsy of J Hardy Carroll

Fortunately Captain Wisoff-Fields sent out a runner to check the way ahead. She spotted a band of redcoats travelling our way. There was no alternative, we would have to travel light and take the high road. Quietly drawing us together she gave us the order, hide all non essential items. Within minutes our steeds where set loose. Heaven only knew where they would end up. Meanwhile we took to a narrow mountain trail. Sure of foot and lightly loaded, we would outpace anyone attempting to follow us. It would be good to breath the mountain air again.

Footnotes… No post last week as I was helping put on show… Now I am ‘almost’ tied to the house. So the phone will get lots of use, as I check up on friends and family. More than ever I am glad to be able to write. To all who read this attempt at flash fiction, look after yourself.

Part of a planned book cover
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  1. Travel sound great. But, on another date!
    For now, we must all be tied to our homes and maintain social distancing to keep the coronavirus at bay!

  2. Dear Michael,

    Glad the captain is on the ball. 😉 Breathing fresh air is always good. Thank heaven for social media so we can at least get out electronically.



      1. Yes, it is a very difficult time indeed!
        Hang in there and I hope we can all of us find ways to be connected with others in our lives – by phone or mail or email or chat or any combination of the above.

        1. I will attempt to do that… I do not have much skill at commenting or letter writing. But I have started sending cards and letters, or phoning those of my isolated older friends.

          1. We can all only do what we can do, as we can do it, within the limits of the energy and possibilities we have. There’s no right or wrong way, no one correct way to manage any of this. Any caring connection with others in a kindness is something that makes a difference. You do you! Stay well across the pond! Na’ama

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