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Don’t Fence Me In

Photo copyright: A mixed bag.
Photo copyright: A mixed bag.

Don’t fence me in said the ghost of Christmas Past. Don’t forget me. Write your stories.

Some say the future was seen when the internet had its first test run on a Christmas Day 1990.

So when Christmas arrives, I hope that it finds you ready.

What you say and write has value.

Do not have a hidden space in Master Humphrey’s Clock.

Instead let your writing shine and send alms all around the world.



Master Humphrey’s Clock comes from the author Charles Dickens. Whilst my use of Christmas Past and Future arose from seeing yesterday a play based upon A Christmas Carol by the same author.

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  1. I can’t pretend to grasp the allusion to Master Humphrey’s Clock, but there seems to be an underlying sadness to this strange and somewhat disjointed piece.

    1. Sorry ceary: it reflex’s how I felt. As for Master Humphrey’s Clock’ it was a weekly periodical. In its time it was the Internet. Charles Dickens gave Master Humphrey a circle of friends who told stories.

  2. For an interesting and easy read on the development of what eventually became the internet, have a look at the book “When Wizards Stay Up Late” by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon.

  3. Without meaning to sound grandiose at all, and with utmost humility, I believe that what we write is our legacy. And the internet is helping us not just store it but to spread it for posterity. So, in a way, the internet was the best Christmas present we could ever wish for 🙂 Happy holidays Michael 🙂
    p.s. Just like the others, I too came across this clock for the first time today 🙂

  4. It is the beauty of the Internet that all the world is now connected together. Sadly it is now abused and will need to be policed. For responsible writers the internet is fabulously useful.

  5. It’s interesting the internet could have began with the column in that newspaper. I rather miss the continuing stories in newspapers. There used to even be comics that had continuing stories that went on for weeks. Good writing, Michael. Happy Holidays. 🙂 — Suzanne

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