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Photo copyright: En
Photo copyright: Enisa.

I need a new face doc. The damned cockpit jammed and by the time I bailed out, well you can see the result. They tell me that you can do remarkable things. Jimmy, let me start by introducing you to the chaps who really know the limits of my abilities. They have formed a self help group, calling it The Guinea Pig Club.

The first rule of the club is to get on with life. They are a damned fine bunch, they make what I do worthwhile. I will introduce you to them. Quite a few of them are going into East Grinstead tonight. So there should be some beer left in the barrel.

I know it’s been a nightmare Jimmy but you are here now and in my hands Archibald Mc Indoe will not fail you. I have to go now. Tomorrow you and I get to work putting things right..


Archibald Mc Indoe pioneered new forms of repairing damaged skin after RAF aircrew suffered severe burns.

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