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Take Two

Prompt from Roger Bultot

Hello Stanley, the filming going great, thank you. I’m off to Gayle tomorrow. Shooting at an old mill. It has atmosphere. The river Ure is in flood and the mills machinery is deadly. I will be shooting a murder scene. One of the turbines will eat someone. The river will turn red with blood. Might I persuade you brother to donate a few pints? Your mad old chap, the trout in the river will end up tasting muddy… I do not mind that brother, as I don’t relish trout..

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    1. Hi Keith, Blood River certainly has depth to it. I don’t think that I could do justice to it for a sequel, as yet I am not sure if the outcome/heart of my film will become sinister or comedic

  1. Are we certain that the film maker hasn’t been bitten in the neck recently? Collecting pints of blood here and there, what a perfect way to get to the stuff without raising suspicion. In any case, great unique take on the prompt.

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