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A momentary shock.

Photo curtsy of Susan
Photo curtsy of Susan Spaulding

Foot sore and tired Buster crested the slope, what he saw unsettled him. A vast desert like panorama stretched as far as he could see. Now he knew where the strange smell that had been assaulting his nostrils was coming from. As Buster decided what to do next, a rather large black and white bird arrived. Landing on a sand bank it tugged at a paper bag, as the bag broke apart, Buster saw chips scattered over the sand. In a flash he was up and running, he was not one for turning down a free lunch.

Much to Busters amazement the bird stood its ground, aiming a vicious stab in his direction. This unexpected action set Busters barking, causing the gull to take flight. Buster set off in pursuit, as the gull glided low over the sand. Jumping for joy Buster took great strides covering the ground at speed, with an occasional flying leap as he attempted to grab the squawking gull. Then shock and horror Buster was soaking wet. He had arrived at the ocean. It was quite a light bulb moment. Made worse by the salty taste as he attempted to drink.


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  1. I saw that on one of your other stories you used Buster as the main character as well- I’m looking forward to seeing more of how Buster interacts with the environment around them.
    Also, birds are evil.

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