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Prompt curtsy of Miles Rost. Please be aware that this story may be unsettling

Lord Vull recounted the day a giant green comet crash into the sun. The resulting solar storm smashed three of Saturn’s smaller moons. Then it went on to strip Mars of its atmosphere and almost every living creature.When the storm hit earth, volcanos erupted and the tectonic plates shook. Fire storms raged for weeks and earths fabled city disappeared.
When calmness returned, the dragons kin the Dinosaurs where no more. The solar winds that had enabled travel around the planets failed to return. Isolating each of the planets for millions of years.

A scrap of parchment from recovered from Atlantis
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  1. This latest sequence of stories contains some very imaginative world-building, Michael. Nice work!

    1. Thank you so much, ten years back I would have run with a bigger story. Unfortunately my muses energy is not up to it these days. Although I feel that more is yet to come about the sun and it’s solar system.

  2. Firstly, I love your image caption. It’s a pleasant thought that the planets in our solar system were connected with a solar wind that we could sail around much as earth ships travel on the waterways.

    1. I have been allowed access to the dragon lords archives, but for how long I am unsure. The archives hold very ancient material. I need much assistance to translate what I find. As a early pictorial recording system was in use.

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