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Wednesday or Friday

Wednesday or Friday

Photo prompt by Jennifer Pendergast

Michael collected his coffee and phone, then sat down to complete his pictorial crossword challenge. Week by week they became linked. The weekly challenges had taken him around the world and traveling through his sun’s solar system. He had travelled back and forth in time. Encountered fascinating characters and even learnt new words, there had been great experiences, until Covid arrived. Mistakes had been made, well grammar and Mike do not co-exist, they had and never will. You see Mike belongs to a time fast disappearing. Just like his inspiration this week.

Coffee and conversation in time past. Being under the weather I am struggling with conversations
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  1. Even when the muse is hiding, there’s always the coffee. And who needs grammar to write a good story? Your stories have given me some of the most memorable verbal images on FF, Michael.

  2. I see nothing wrong with Mike’s inspiration and the grammar doesn’t matter in this context. I love your stories, full of imagination, always thoughtful and thought-provoking, never aggressive. And I love how you compare us all to a picture crossword challenge

  3. Dear Michael,

    I understand playing hide and seek with the muse. Seems to be my life at the moment. You articulated well and gave me a reason to smile.



  4. You’re talking to a picky English teacher here, but I’ve never thought poorly of your grammar. Sounds to me as if you need a good laugh. Go watch something funny on the television 🙂

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